Our Approach


We offer quantitatively managed investment products managed on behalf of institutional (corporations, labour unions, public pension funds, municipalities, medical aids, etc) and retail clients (principally individuals and small organisations).


Investment Process

All our investment strategies share an investment philosophy that centres on customised solutions where securities chosen for the portfolio can be mathematically blended in a way that reduces risk to the mandate and increases the potential for superior returns.


Investment Philosophy

All investments for their reward are subject to risk. Foremost to deliver on our mandate it is important to understand precisely the clients’ needs and risk tolerance for us to satisfactorily fulfil our obligation. In line with our name, Balondolozi, preservers of our clients’ investments, our philosophy is to produce customised superior risk-adjusted investment returns.

– Our Name

The name Balondolozi was inspired by a Nguni name given to those mandated to preserve and be the authorised custodians of all things important to a particular society.

Our Structure



Balondolozi is 40% owned by the P Samuel Family Trust , 30% by the Balondolozi Employee Trust Fund and 30% by Royal Investment Managers.  The shareholding structure caters for all employees who will contribute to Balondolozi’s long-lasting legacy as a leading Quantitative Investment Management Firm. The founding member, Pedro Samuel, is cognisant of the fact that staff must feel part of Balondolozi to contribute positively to its success. 30% ownership is therefore allocated for staff members through the Balondolozi. Balondolozi is, by virtue of its founder holding a majority stake, a black-owned firm. Part of our responsibility to our community is to redress the political injustices of the past and one way we do this is to provide inspiration to young children to rise above their circumstance and be entrepreneurs and job creators of the future through the Balondolozi Employee Trust Fund.



Balondolozi’s employment equity policy is to employ at least 75% of its personnel from previously disadvantaged background. We actively transfer skills across the organisation and seek external development opportunities for all staff. Our procurement policy also strives for 75% participation for previously disadvantaged organisations.

Our Philosophy

Founding Philosophy: Good corporate governance and ethics are the foundation on which Balondolozi is established. It is this foundation which we will hold ourselves accountable to, that will see us make steady but good growth in the investment management world. Balondolozi aims to be in the top quartile for every fund without compromising or losing focus on first delivering on our investment obligations. We hope to leave behind a legacy of responsible corporate governance and a sustainable business that will continue to deliver value for our shareholders and for the future generation of Balondolozi employees.


Corporate Philosophy: Our most valuable assets are our people and our customers. It is in this regard that Balondolozi empowers all its employees with the freedom to develop and the capacity to act, and a part ownership of the business. This entrepreneurial environment helps foster great innovative ideas for the benefit of our clients. Balondolozi strives for service excellence through integrity and receptiveness in all our interactions.


Social Philosophy: Balondolozi has also been founded on good education principles. As an investment business that operates within the South African landscape, a country we are very passionate about, we have a moral responsibility towards the continued growth of our nation. Education being the key element of our development within the world stage, we have chosen that our corporate spend towards socially responsible projects will almost entirely focus on education. Internally, we encourage and sponsor our employees to study further. Externally, we offer investment training to our clients and trustees of Funds regardless of whether we manage their money or not. We will also conduct road-shows where we will speak on topical investment matters to both the institutional and retail market.


Socially Responsible Investing Philosophy: With more evidence mounting against industries impact on the environment, Balondolozi is operating in a space where we can influence sustainable business practices, not necessarily in terms of how we invest client’s money but through shareholder activism. Cooperative efforts of social investors can positively influence management to steer a more responsible environmental course. These efforts can include submitting proxy voting resolutions where dialogue with corporate management is not successful.


Notwithstanding our own social contribution to human social upliftment, we believe in companies that take such issues seriously given our political history. Community development will improve financial performance over time and enhance the well being of the stockholders, customers, and employees.